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Custom Concrete Curb Green Bay WI / Appleton WI Decorative Curbing
Decorative Concrete Curbing, Edging, Borders for Landscapes in Green Bay/Appleton

Decorative Concrete Curbing, Borders, and Edging for Residential & Commercial Landscapes

Landscape Concrete Curbing Services

Concrete curbing is a continuous piece of concrete that is installed on site. Concrete curb products have many benefits, from the attractiveness of the designs, the multiple colors and design options (see below), a continuous root barrier and more! Concrete curbing is guaranteed to outlast any other type of edging material, even through harsh Wisconsin winters.

Throughout your landscape, extruded concrete has the ability to perfectly follow any curves or dips, allowing for a perfectly form fitting concrete curbing. Concrete curbing in the garden prevents weeds and other unwanted plant material from taking over your flower beds. Concrete curbing can also be used in parking lots as a reliable barrier. Our concrete curbing, with the proper care and maintenance, will last for the entirety of your home. Take a look at the concrete curb options below!

Color Options

We have over 50 different color to choose from, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect color for your new concrete curb. We suggest to match your curb's color with your home's siding, or maybe an accent color on your home or business.

Color Options

(Colors may vary depending on computer screen)

Concrete Curbing Color Options 1
Concrete Curbing Color Options 2

Style Options

With our variety of style options, you will be able to find the perfect shape for your concrete curb to match your home or business' style. This also allows you to perfectly choose a style to enhance the purpose of your concrete curb.

Concrete Curb Mower Style

Mower Style
Concrete Curb

Concrete Curb Slant Style

Slant Style
Concrete Curb

Concrete Curb Dome Style

Dome Style
Concrete Curb

Concrete Curb 4x6 Style

4"x6" Style
Concrete Curb

Concrete Curb Stamp Options

We offer a variety of concrete stamping options to give your curbing a little more personality and the ability to catch people's attention from a distance. Our specialists are able to perfectly hand stamp the freshly poured concrete to make your curb pop.

• Aussi Cobblestone • Basket Weave • Cobblestone Rough Texture • Mountain Stone • Natural Stone • Pebble Stone • Running Bond • Spanish Roll • Wood Grain • Wood Plank

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Aussie Cobblestone

Aussie Cobblestone

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Basket Weave

Basket Weave

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Cobblestone Rough Texture

Cobblestone Rough Texture

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Mountain Stone

Mountain Stone

Concrete Curb Stamp Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Concrete Curb Stamp Pebble Stone

Pebble Stone

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Running Bond

Running Bond

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Spanish Roll

Spanish Roll

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Wood Grain

Wood Grain

Concrete Curb Stamp Option Wood Plank

Wood Plank

What are your Service Areas for Installation of Decorative Concrete Curbing?

Custom Concrete Curb offers decorative concrete curbing and all their benefits to Northeastern Wisconsin.

Brown County | Calumet County | Door County | Kewaunee County | Outagamie County | Winnebago County

Algoma | Appleton | Ashwaubenon | Brussels | De Pere | Green Bay | Howard | Kaukauna | Kimberly | Little Rapids | Luxemburg | Sturgeon Bay | Wrightstown

This is not a complete list of all cities, so if you don't see your city listed, just contact us and we can discuss your location.

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